Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ayurvedic Medicines In India You Must Know About!

Ayurveda has the medicinal solution for all abnormalities and diseases. Ayurvedic medicines for kidney also do wonders. Here is the list of medicines that you must know about.

The whole concept of ayurveda seems to have originated in India. It comes under the Hindu culture of treating the diseases using herbal natural products. It is a discovery of the traditional Hindu culture and solely brings pride to the country. The origins of this ayurveda seem to be the Atharveda also known as the miracle spells to cure diseases. The whole composition of the ayurvedic medicines for kidney are basically herbal products, minerals, metals, opium and also a special type of oil which is used to massage the body parts. These whole traditional exercises seem to have originated back during the Indus valley civilization. As the name depicts these practices were begun during the Vedic period, and were even followed by Buddhists and jains during the initial days. 

The major components

The whole ayurvedic system seems to have been made up of eight major components or elements. All these components were taken out from the old Sanskrit literature books, where ayurveda was mentioned as the "science composed of eight components"

1. KAYACHIKITSA - cure of diseases which cause harm to the body

2. KAUMARA-BHRTYA- curing the affected children and infants

3. SHALYA TANTRA - all the surgical skills

4. SALAKYA-TANTRA- deals with the eyes, nose, teeth and ear (basically all the facial organs)

5. BHUTA-VIDYA- deals with invisible diseases like micro-organisms and spirits.

6. AGADA-TANTRA- the shield from poison

7. RASYANA-TANTRA - deals with the rejuvenation

8. VAJIKARANA TANTRA - deals with healthy and desired progeny

The major composition of medicines

All the major ayurvedic medicines are derived from plants and extracted from their roots, stem or branches. They are even taken out from cinnamon and cardamom seeds. There are even animal products that are inhibited in Ayurvedic medicines, these include- milk, skin extracts, bones and gallstones. There are a lot of minerals used to make up a strong ayurvedic medicine. These minerals include- Sulphur, Arsenic, Lead, Copper sulphate, Gold etc. This whole process of mixing up minerals to prepare a herbal medicine is called as the "RASA SHASTRA". 

The development in India

Ayurveda always had its respect level kept high in India. There are people living in India who would even avoid a laser surgery but prefer taking an ayurvedic medical treatment. The culture has played a major role in bringing up the standards of Ayurvedic treatments in the country. It is growing steady in the country even after 3000yrs of existence. Though they are not part of the conventional medicines, they are preferred more than the latter in the country simply due to the ancestral influence and live experiences encountered by them. 

There are not well trained researched proofs about ayurvedic medicines and reactions. But there are lot of experienced practisers who tend to carry the treatments properly. There are herbs which might cause adverse reactions to the human body, but they are mostly effective and lead to positive results to the system. There are a lot of medicinal stores selling ayurvedic medicines for kidney, even online stores like indianmart sell these medicines for a low cost.

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